Web Design

How do you want your business represented? We make sure that your site will show off the best side of you and your business to the world, with a modern, responsive website that works across any platform and showcases what you have to offer!


This is our specialty. In the internet age, being able to sell online is becoming more and more important, and we believe that it can vastly help your bottom line while expanding your market. Selling online takes time, commitment, and lots of work, however in the long term, its benefits greatly outweigh the costs. We specialize in all types of eCommerce businesses, whether you have one product to sell or thousands!


One of the most overlooked things by most people, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important. Without proper SEO on your website, you’ll get lost in the thousands of results people search for. Our SEO technique targets customers who are uniquely looking for the product or service you sell, and is fine tuned to help you show up when it counts the most.

Social Media Marketing

Have you noticed that everyone seems to be looking at their phone, all the time? One of the good things about that is that with social media marketing, you can be directly marketing to your customers, sometimes without them even knowing it! We specialize in Instagram and Facebook marketing, as well as using multiple other popular platforms to help expand and engage your audience and customer base.


Don’t know where to start? Not sure you’re ready for any of this? Already have a website but aren’t happy with it? Are you the DIY style, but need some advice? We’re here to help, and can steer you in the right direction, even if it doesn’t end up being a service with us! We are brutally honest, and would rather point you in the right direction for your business than sell you something you don’t need.

Other Services

We also provide a range of other services, such as Point of Sale installations (we partner with Square to get you a better rate), inventory management, graphic design, and Photoshop work.