Social Media Marketing

Socail Media Marketing

Why is social media marketing important for your business? Well for one, it is one of the fastest growing ways of communicating, and it spans over several generations, allowing you access to millions of potential customers! Using social media can be one of the most effective ways of reaching new customers that you can target specifically for your business.

We all know time is money, and sometimes the grind on social media can feel like you’re spinning your wheels and going nowhere. However, if you follow a few of these simple steps, you can start to make a difference in how your social media accounts work for you.

1.  Pick a platform and put your focus on it.

This might seem counter intuitive, because more platforms means more potential customers, however you don’t want to stretch yourself thin. It is better to do a great job on one or two platforms than do a poor to mediocre job on several platforms.

2. Use high quality images.


This one seems obvious, but many people don’t really adhere to this one. Blurry, poorly framed photos are the death of a social media account. Remember, most people aren’t using their personal social media accounts to look at ads, so don’t make your images seem like ads. Tap into the core vision and feel of your business rather than actual day to day business pictures. Leave that for the tweets and the stories.

3. Connect with your customers.

Don’t be afraid to comment, like, and follow people who you think are interesting or could be connections in the future. Even if they’re your competition! Remember, social media is networking at it’s core, and networking is what can make or break your business.

Now get out there and start posting! If you need more help or have questions about social media marketing or using your social media accounts, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call anytime!